Green Gulf was set up with the sole purpose of marketing the D-ODR range of products which are specifically designed to kill odours without masking them and without the use of solvents or toxic materials.
Our Company Mission
Green Gulf aims to become the preferred choice of customers seeking help, advice and products to address any Odour Control issue, whether business or domestic. Our total care package includes a “one-stop-shop” for all Odour Control applications.
The Green Gulf Philosophy
Any chemical product introduced by Green Gulf must a) Fulfil the task, i.e. it has to do the job it was designed to do. b) Present the smallest environmental pollution footprint possible.
Personalised Labeling
As part of our “one-stop-shop” policy, Green Gulf offers customers a complete solution to product requirements. Choice of package and size, shape of container and delivery method as well as a bespoke label design service** is included in our offer.
NB: Personalised labelling may attract additional cost, depending on complexity of design and provision of customer artwork etc.