D-ODR: Dynamic Odour Destructive Reagent

D-ODR Odour Destroyer is a brand new innovative British product (patent pending), which has evolved from many years of research as a result of continuous improvement by a dedicated Research and Development team.

Unlike alternative odour control products, D-ODR Odour Destroyer’s sophisticated science means it combines physically with the odour molecules and destroys them completely.


How to use

To experience the performance of D-ODR Odour Destroyer, spray it directly onto the waste material or source of the odour. Within 30 seconds the odour will completely disappear. If an odour can still be detected, re-apply making sure the surrounding area is also covered.


Fragrance Free

D-ODR Odour Destroyer is a fragrance-free product. Any fragrance added to the product would be destroyed by the highly effective Odour Destructive Reagents within the formula.



Main Advantages

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Non-acidic & Non-caustic
  • Destroys the smell – Doesn’t disguise it
  • Eco-friendly way to deal with smells
  • Solvent, enzyme, bleach and toxin free
  • Unperfumed
  • Non allergenic
  • Non hazardous, non irritant
  • Safe under CHIPS/COSHH/REACH




Because D-ODR Odour Destroyer attacks the actual molecules of the odour, spraying D-ODR Odour Destroyer into the air around the area (like you do with an air freshener), will be of no use. Once applied, D-ODR Odour Destroyer will kill the odour within 30 seconds.

Establish where the odour comes from and spray a fine mist# of D-ODR Odour Destroyer directly onto it. Sometimes, when several places have been contaminated in the vicinity, it will be necessary to track down each individual source.

Step-by-step application

    1. Soak up any excess liquid first
    2. Spray D-ODR as a fine mist directly onto the soiled area
    3. Leave to activate for at least 30 seconds
    4. Wipe any excess spray off with a clean, dry cloth
    5. For heavy, repeat soiling it may be necessary to repeat the treatment
    6. If treating leather or suede surfaces:
        it may be necessary to re-apply any leather-care products
    7. Always observe the manufacturers cleaning and care instructions
        when applying D-ODR



Personal Care
• Footwear

Pet Care
• Litter trays
• Food trays
• Bedding
• Cages/carriers

• Work surfaces
• Bins
• Bedding & Matresses
• Soft furnishings
• Incontinence
• Floors

Veterinary Care
• Animal cages
• Treatment benches
• Transport vehicles

• Operating tables
• Incontinence odour
• Equipment

Vehicular Care
• Cars
• Caravans
• Narrow boats
• Canoes/Kayaks
• Day boats
• Barges

Suggested Applications

D-ODR Odour Destroyer has been found to be safe to use in most applications.

A sleeping area may be treated on a regular basis

Bins and used dressing containers:
Even when empty, trays, bins and other rubbish containers can have a residual odour. It is recommended that these containers be rinsed thoroughly before spraying D-ODR Odour Destroyer into each container. Ensure D-ODR Odour Destroyer gets into the corners and seams to be totally effective.

D-ODR Odour Destroyer is also effective on worktops and when defrosting refrigerators, freezers etc.

Houshold use: D-ODR Odour Destroyer may be used in homes and offices as a general deodoriser and is safe on most surfaces. If you are unsure about a surface, it is recommended that you try a small unseen area first.