Scientific Elimination! Not masking!

Odour Elimination

Get rid of the smell, don't mask it!
• Scientifically formulated
• Molecular bonding
• Odour elimination
• No added fragrance
• Eliminates strong smells like urine and footwear odours

D-ODR molecularly bonds to the source of the odour

Dealing with bad odours by spraying scented products to mask the smell is ineffective in terms of removing the source of the odour. Sure, it offers temporary relief, but as soon the scent wears off, the smell is back. D-ODR products are different!

D-ODR products completely and permanently eliminate the source of the odour by bonding to it at the molecular level nullifying the smell. Hence, D-ODR has no added fragrance as our product would bond to the fragrance additive rendering it odourless.

So how can competing products make the same claim when they contain scents? We constantly ask ourselves the same thing!

Environmentally Friendly Products

Ethically Effective

Powerful deoderising & ethical contents
• Non-toxic
• Non-allergenic
• Solvent free
• Bleach free
• Enzyme free
• Perfume free
• 100% biodegradable

Non-toxic, solvent, bleach and enzyme free

Green Gulf’s D-ODR range of products are specifically designed to kill odours without masking them and without the use of solvents or toxic materials.

All of our products are 100% biodegradable and contain no enzymes, bleaching agents, sovents or perfumes and are non-allergenic.

Yet the D-ODR range of products are powerful enough to deal with strong odours such as pet or person urine, footwear odour and kitchen smells like onion, garlic and curry.

They can be used on items that less friendly producs can’t. D-ODR products can be safely sprayed on pet trays, pet cages, pet food bowls, pet toys and pet bedding and are safe to use on walls, soft-furnishings and matresses.

Benefits and Useage

Benefits of D-ODR

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Non-marking/staining
  • Eliminates urine odours
  • Eliminates tom cat spray
  • Solvents & enzymes free
  • No bleaches or perfumes
  • Non-allegenic

D-ODR Product Uses

D-ODR products are widely used to eliminate odours from footware, pet bedding and pet litter trays, cars and caravans, food prep-surfaces, retirement and convalescent homes…

Have you found a unique use? Please let us know.