Cara Care

Applications & Uses
• Cars
• Caravans
• Motorhomes
• Narrow boats
• Canoes/Kayaks
• Day boats
• Barges
If you've found a use for CARA CARE that we haven't listed then please get in touch. We'd be delighted to hear from you.

Eliminate car and caravan odours!

Cara Care

Got a caravan? Got a boat? Got a smoker in the family? Enclosed places like caravans and boats can harbour many odours from simply living in them. Cooking smells, animal odours – even babies – contribute to the stale smells that often pervade the living area.

So, spray Cara Care on those soft furnishings before you lay up for the winter. Defrost the fridge and spray Cara Care inside to remove all those onion, curry and cauliflower smells you’ve been hauling around all season. Spray work surfaces to both disinfect and deodorise them, and of course, spray Alphonse the greyhound/retriever/mammoth cross favourite blankie too!

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