Odour Angel

Applications & Uses
• Continence odour
• Wheelchairs
• Bedding
• Matresses
• Kitchen surfaces
• Soft furnishings
• Curtains
• Walls
• Pedal bins
• Sink overflows
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Destroys Incontinence Odours and General Houshold Smells

Odour Angel – Heaven sent for those devilish odours!

Incontinence is a fact of life for many people. Despite some truly excellent products out there, continence odour is a side effect that has caused embarrassment to many incontinence sufferers and their carers.

Now, while Odour Angel is not the answer to incontinence itself, it can help to reduce the odour that sometimes accompanies it. Applied as a spray to wheelchairs, bedding, mattresses, carpets, soft furnishings, etc., there is no need to soak the item. Just spray Odour Angel directly onto it, wait 1 minute, and the odour has been reduced – or even disappeared entirely!



Odour Angel has been independently tested by the NHS Innovations arm, Trustech, Odour Angel was tested for its anti-microbial qualities in addition to its excellent odour destroying properties. Results show ODOUR ANGEL to be extremely effective in dealing with a range of commonly-occurring “bugs”, including C-diff, Legionella, and many others.

NHS Trustech report


Click for your free copy of the NHS Trustech report.

NHS Trustech report
Eliminate footware smells!